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Brazing Fluxes

Brazing Fluxes

he role of flux is to remove the oxide on the surface of base metal and brazing filler metal, and avoidre-oxidation during the brazing process. The brazed joint with good quality can be got by using the reasonable brazing filler metal and proper flux and the optimum brazing technological parameters.

We are available to supply flux of different brands according to request of customers, such as silver flux, copper flux. brazing paste designed for refrigeration parts etc.
Attention:The residue such as grease,oxide etc on the surface and connection must be removed strictly before the brazing.


牌号      Standard 化学成分(Wt%)                                Composition 主要性能及用途                                                                                                     Characteristics and Application
FB101 H3BO3 29~31  KBF4 68~71 适用于550~850℃温度范围内配合银钎料钎焊铜及铜合金、钢及不锈钢等。
FB102 KF 40~44  KBF4 21~25  B2O3 33~37 适用于600~850℃温度范围内配合银钎料钎焊 铜及铜合金、钢及不锈钢等。
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