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Copper-Aluminum flux cored brazing filler metal
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Copper-Aluminum flux cored brazing filler metal

Flux-cored wire is an innovation brazing material especially designed for electrical component,it can braze joint between Cu-Al and Al-Al. The flux inside is a combination from different kinds of fluoride, non corrosive and very stable in normal atmosphere, so it can be kept in stock for long time without problem. For components with special brazing joints(big surface or different shape),we can provide alloy in wire or sheet form, matched with suitable flux in paste, which will be an easy solution for operators. We are available to supply such alloys in different shape and dimension according to request of customers.
Attention:The residue such as grease,oxide etc on the surface and connection must be removed strictly before the brazing.

Characteristics and Application
HD-110 合金 钎剂 钎剂重量百分百 钎焊温度(℃) 和焊丝与钎剂与一体,焊接时无需单独添加助焊剂。药芯结构,可有效减少焊接过程中气孔的产生,提高焊接强度,减少焊接缺陷,节省焊接时间,焊接后无需清洗,可用于自助火焰钎焊、手工钎焊、气体保护炉中钎焊、高频钎焊等。
Al:1~5 氟铝酸铯 10%~15% 410~450
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